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Main advantages of Scheermonnik soaps:

Scheermonnik shaving soap is made in a hot saponification proces, with 100% vegetable oils (coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil). All created by hand in our small production lab.

The hot saponification proces guarantees a sufficient conservation. Additional preservatives are not needed.

The scents will be added at the end of the cooking process. This creates the best situation to control the used scent.

After the cooking process, the soap has to mature for some weeks. Until the water is vaporised.

This means the soaps are very economical in use. At least 125+ shavings for one tin with 75 grams of soap.

Less is more. No additives needed. Just the important ingredients to create a superb shaving soap

Quality of the raw materials is most important:

96% Natural, as high as possible

Parabens free (no preservatives)

SLS/SLES free (no foaming agent which is skin penetrating)

No dyes, just the natural colour of the soap

Phthalate free (no solvent fragrances)

Lanolin free (possible allergic reaction)

Animal test free

Vegan friendly


Rich, bold, sturdy foam

Long standing

Good sliding (for the razor)

Skin protecting and caring

Nice scents

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