Craft products

As is known, many products nowadays come from the ‘Far East’. For the simple reason that production is cheaper there than here. Economy is the dominant driver, with all the consequences this entails for our planet.

We are convinced that things must and can be done differently. Production is possible in the Netherlands or in other countries in Europe.

This trend has been going on for quite some time and is continuing. However, for a ‘major trend’ or change, the consumer will also have to look at a product differently.

Just think of the cartridge razors of the famous brands, made of a lot of plastic (handle and blades). These are difficult to break down or reuse. Compare that with the ‘classic’ razor made of metal (also called the “safety razor), where the whole consists of metal (handle and blades). The loose blades are recovered and reused as steel. The handle and head are virtually indestructible. So far the environmental aspect and sustainability. The price is such a laughing stock ……

Our aim is to make all (shaving) products ourselves in a traditional way. Then we have the greatest influence on the end product and we can guarantee the desired high quality. We are known and praised for this with the shaving soaps.

More news is on the shaving brush front. Here too we strive for our own production and as many components as possible from the Netherlands or another country nearby.

We work with a local wood ‘monk’ for the beautiful expertly turned handles. The wood comes from Dutch gardens and is thus reused, instead of disappearing in the chopper or on the stake. The woods are more or less exclusive. Think of Golden Rain, Walnut, Taxus, Maple, Oak and Elm.

In the meantime, it is qualitatively unnecessary to use animal hair for a shaving brush. Today’s synthetic hair is top notch and can withstand any comparison with animal hair. In China, the leading manufacturer of synthetic wires region, we have found a good supplier. However, we continue to look for a ‘nearby’ supplier. To be continued.