What is the best way to make lather with your Scheermonnik shaving soap?

Take some soap with your finger or a spoon out of the tin and put it at the bottom/corner of your shaving bowl and spread it.

Dip the shaving brush in a few drops of water.

Gently stir the brush in the bowl, until the lather becomes firm. Do this for at least 30 seconds. Add some drops of water if necessary.

You apply the lather on your beard, by making turning and sweeping motions with the loaded brush of lather.

This makes that the skin under the beard hairs relaxes and is cared for. Most importantly: the beard hairs will stand upright and are softened to be cut more easily!

Give it some time. The beard hairs will absorb the water even better.

The softer the beard hairs, the easier the knife “cuts” through it.

The right conditions for a comfortable shave.