The shaving brush is, to our opinion, the most important shaving tool.

It cleanses the face, removes dead cells, massages the face, and “lifts” the hairs of the beard to make it easier to cut.

Basic shaving brush with synthetic hairs and black resin handle

Shaving brush synthetic hair knot

This shaving brush has a nice hand-held handle and very importantly a very soft ball-shaped knot with sufficient ‘back-bone’.

You can easily make a fantastic shaving cream.

The brush loads quickly, can take a beating and lasts much longer than an animal hair shaving brush.

In short, a top product for a friendly price and years of shaving pleasure.

€ 29,- including VAT

This basic shaving brush is just a little wider than the most common brushes at the market.

That is why it lathers faster and has a good balanced hold.

Our policy is to use no animal ingredients or materials in our products.

For the simple reason that there is no need to.

The quality of synthetic hair is as good as well known and highly appreciated badger hair. Or even better.

For sustainability reasons this is a better choice.

The synthetic hairs are much stronger and not sensitive for soap residues.

Therefor it is not necessary to dry out the hairs up side down.

Just clean the brush under running water and wipe the excessive water out in a towel.

No worries….. you have lathering pleasure for many years. Enjoy it.


Basic black resin L handle with HQ synthetic knot

Brush knot diameter: 24 mm (+/-1mm)

Loft size: 52 mm (+/-1mm)

Handle height: 52 mm (+/-1mm)

Widest part of the handle diameter: 40 mm (+/-1mm)