Shaving brush user manual

The shaving brush is the most important shaving tool. It cleanses the face, removes dead cells, massages the face, and “lifts” the hair / beard to make it easier to cut.

A Scheermonnik shaving brush is a handcrafted high quality product.

What is the best way to make lather with your Scheermonnik shaving brush?

Take some soap with you finger or a spoon out of the tin and put it at the bottom/corner of your shaving bowl. Spread it a little.

Dip the shaving brush in very little water. A few drops are enough.

Go further with gently and controlled turning in the bowl, until the lather becomes firm. At least for 30 seconds. Add some drops of water if necessary.

On your beard you apply the lather by making turning and sweeping motions with the loaded brush.

The skin under the beard hair relaxes, is cared for.

And most importantly: the beard hairs will stand upright and are softened to be cut of more easily!

Give it some time. The beard hairs absorb the water even better.

The softer the beard hairs, the easier the knife “cuts” through it.

The right conditions for a comfortable shave.


What is the best way to maintain the brush?

Clean the brush thoroughly with hand warm water will significantly increase its durability.

Dry the brush by tapping off the excess water and possibly squeezing gently in a towel

Store the brush in a dry environment.

Clean the brush with a mild detergent each month, will help to remove potential soap residue.